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My Cancer Is Gone!!!

There was a person that this writer knows well. He doesn’t knew that he had a disease. Five years ago while he was still working he experienced an on and off severe pain and swelling on his left leg. He consulted a doctor and the result of his medical examination revealed that he had a malignant kind of cancer, sarcoma. He had not returned to his job because it was the advised of the specialist to undergo an operation. About four months after that medical examination his left leg was amputated up to six inches above his knee.

In the middle part of last year, while using his crutches for walking, he accidentally fell on which his amputated left leg hit first the concrete floor. Since there was a swelling, he consulted his physician. His physician conducted an examination and still to confirm the result of the X-ray recommended undergoing a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) examination. He made an appointment and traveled to another province for an examination. Result of the MRI revealed that his sarcoma reappeared. The recurrence of his early stage sarcoma might have other factors that come into play, like his personal health situation as well as the neglect of his spouse and children. Four months after the initial MRI he would undertake a follow-up MRI so that his physician could finally recommend chemotherapy as the treatment.

It might be a blessing from our Almighty God that someone had advised him (by his friend recommendation) to take herbal medications while in the period of waiting for his next scheduled MRI. This medication practice is common in Asian countries applying traditional medicines with a combination of western medicine. Since, there was no harm in trying, he religiously followed his instructions: concoction of carrots (Daucus carota) and Malunggay or horseradish (Moringa oleifera) and taking the liquid of boiled Egyptian grass (as commonly called locally) on a daily basis. (Although there are numerous testimonials for the curative medicinal properties of these plant species, further research will have to be undertaken before the general public will accept them. This will be a bane for drug companies.)

In the first week of December 2017, he submitted for another MRI. The doctors were astonished for the result. To confirm their findings, the doctors told him and those who accompanied him to repeat the MRI after a week, this time the clinic won’t charge any amount for the procedure. The repeat result was the same that the malignant cancer cells were found no more. For a span of four months taking herbals, the cancer cells were gone as in gone. We told him over and over with excitement that medical pronouncement free from cancer – is his life’s greatest Christmas blessings and gift from God.

Currently, this person lives separately away from his own family and staying at his parents’ home. He had started a small business just to make himself busy.

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