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Our Mission: “Caring for patients in the comfort and security of their homes”


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happy old women

“I would recommend the agency to others.”

Chan Chen Yek
Chicago, Illinois

“Yes, I will recommend their services to anyone for its excellence and the employees that I have deal with are number one.”

Luis Sanchez
Chicago, Illinois

“Service is good. Very prompt and take care of my needs and explains really good.”

Tan Sheng
Chicago, Illinois

“Yes service is really good and fast when you request something from them. They cater your needs right away.”

Tam Yauwa
Chicago, Illinois

“Mucho gusto servicio.”

Juan Velasquez
Chicago, Illinois

“I like the service compared to my previous home health agencies I had before because they meet my needs.”

Lou Laiyen
Chicago, Illinois

“Very good service.”

Isaura Barahona
Palatine, Illinois

(The hereunder selected statements by our clients were from an independent third party which conducts the Home Health Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HHCAHPS) on a quarterly basis designed by CMS to measure the experiences of people receiving home health care):

“The provider treated me well and helped me a lot. No complaints everything good. I like the service a lot that the health providers of this agency, Emmanuel Home Health, Inc gave me. I feel better than before and you are very kind and pleasant people.”

Antonia Santiago
Chicago, Illinois

“I would like to thank the nurse because she’s very nice and understanding person. The service I received from this Agency is very highly acceptable and I am truly blessed. Thank you and thank God.”

Annette Woods
Chicago, Illinois

“We would like to thank Suzanna for all her help in taking care of my mother. She is exceptional of what she does. Thanks.”

Ambaben Patel
Wheeling, Illinois

“Susan is great she sets up rides to and from doctors, schedules blood draws, people who take blood are nice and respectful. Elsie my nurse is always on the ball too. Dr. Pillai is wonderful doctor and they are all wonderful people.”

Debra Nasca
Chicago, Illinois

“My therapist was very helpful and caring. My nurse, Rose, is a wonderful person. She is not only does her job well, she puts her heart in it. Rose takes the time to talk to you, and helps with problems that comes up. Even, it means money out of the pocket.”

Kathy Minter
Chicago, Illinois

“I am very satisfied by the care provided by this agency. Worth mention is their dedication to their work. Special thanks to my nurse, Susan, for her excellent services to improve my overall health. They really do their work.”

Segundino Limos
Elgin, Illinois

“Agency with excellent services for old people. Really blessed.”
“My agency is very good and personable. I will always use Emmanuel Home Healthcare.”

Shashiben Patel
Glenview. Illinois

“I am very satisfied with your agency services.”

Prafulia Vyas
Bartlett, Illinois


“I would like to say Rose is very good and helper. I could call her any time, night and day for help. And get she have kept me out of the hospital so many times. Thank for her.”

Florence Brownlow
Chicago, Illinois 

“Everything is fine. I have an excellent nurse and helper.”

Marlene Nelson
Rockford, Illinois

“Charlie, who comes and does physical therapy is excellent. I wouldn’t be able to walk and got up and down without his care. And Felize, the nurse, is also a great help.”

Lucy Davidson
South Beloit, Illinois

“When it comes to people with big hearts you can’t beat Emmanuel Home Health, Inc, my nurse Claudia and Rose.”

Johnie McDavid
Chicago, Illinois

“I enjoyed the service and it made me more aware of my blood pressure, etc.”

Erline Scott
Freeport, Illinois

“Your health care provider are very good, understanding and helpful.”

Laverne Eacksteadt
Freeport, Illinois

“Rose, the nurse, has been excellent. Highly recommended.”

Perry Burrows
Aurora, Illinois

I just hope that the service that this agency gives me stay as good as it is has been since I started receiving it for the rest of my life. All that I want to say is “Thank you.”

Debbie Clay
Chicago, Illinois

“Very pleased with all the services.”

Richard Steiner
Elgin, Illinois

“Always find a way to solve issues and complaint right away. Always spend time listening to problems. Always call when late and reschedule. Very respectful. Very neat and well-dressed.”

Marie J. Reed
Chicago, Illinois

“I thank my sister Marie Reed for recommending this Agency.”

Alice J. Nunn
Chicago, Illinois

“Medical care received from their doctor and staff was always excellent. I appreciated all the persons who cared for me.”

Joyce Martello
Tinley Park, Illinois

“My doctor and nurses are very good. I appreciate their help and concern towards me. Thank you.”

Dorothy Welch
Yorkville, Illinois

“I like how you all do the job that you do.”
“You all is very good to the person that you help out. This is a very good staff.”

Karen Johnson
Freeport, Illinois

“Emmanuel Home Health has always been there for us. Helpful, caring, professional always.”

June Stetcher
Lake in the Hills, Illinois

“Rose, the nurse, Dr. Ofisi, Dr. Schmitt are all good and answered our concerns.”

Arcadio Tandez
Niles, Illinois

“For now, we are pleased with the staff that is in place now. They are welcome in our house. They are doing great by us.”

Name Withheld
Chicago, Illinois

“My doctor and nurse are very good. I appreciate their help and concern towards me. Thank you.”

Usha Saluja
Chicago, Illinois

“All good.”

Sofio Balba
Mt. Prospect, Illinois

“It was very good service not too bad. I need more help. Thank you.”

Leon Kamkin
Chicago, Illinois

“Thanks a lot. The nurses were excellent and I enjoyed my time with each and everyone of the personnel.”
“Thanks to the RN who came to help me. Thanks to everyone who helped me get well.”

Lynetta Dotson
Chicago, Illinois

“My nurse is my helper and friend. I look forward to seeing her.”
“Susan help me a lot.”
“Susan and Charmaine: Wonderful nurse and friend. Susan is very well informed, compassionate and goes above and beyond.”
“Wonderful nursing care”

Barbara Finn
Morton Grove, Illinois

“Last person exceptional, Eleanor.”

Carolyn Bisig
Wheeling, Illinois

“The nurse and therapist gave me a lot of time, particularly the nurse. I would have liked a massage on my shoulder and legs.”

Arlene Sotonak
Chicago, Illinois

“I love and respect my nurse.”

Earline Sergeant
Chicago, Illinois

“Thank my nurse, Rose, since Day One she has been very professional and knowledgeable, and very kind. What a wonderful nurse and great asset to your company.”
“My mom would like to thank Rose, her nurse that took care of her on a weekly basis she was an excellent nurse and very professional, kind and very understanding.”

Josephine Guerrero
Chicago, Illinois

“The best agency we’ve had. Susan, our nurse, made sure everything was what we needed. The staff was very helpful and kind.”

Nancy Page
Crystal Lake, Illinois

“I got very good service with your company.”

Mildred Rogers
Chicago, Illinois