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September is Pain Awareness Month

Pain affects us at some point of our life. Pain can exist in various forms and may last for various durations of time. Methods for pain management also vary in as many ways. The month of September has been designated by the government as Pain Awareness Month. Understanding the various types of pain and their treatments can bring a stronger awareness to those suffering from pain.

As our part of creating awareness, this site is educating the readers the impact of pain, along with the options for those who suffer have to find relief. The purpose of Pain Awareness month is to create understanding to individuals who are experiencing pain. The month is also focused on raising awareness about pain to be more readily recognized and better understanding.

There are different kinds of pain: the chronic pain, acute pain and cancer pain.

Pain is considered chronic when it continues beyond the usual recovery period for an injury or an illness. The pain can create weakness in different parts of our body. It may be continuous or come and go. It is sometimes called persistent pain. This type of pain can be very stressful for both the body and requires careful, ongoing attention to be appropriately treated. Causes of such pain, mentioning a few are arthritis, headaches, stress injuries, and lower back problems.

Another is acute pain. Acute pain can be mild and last just a moment. It also can be severe and last for weeks or months. The cause of acute pain is known and, as you heal, the pain will lessen and finally go away. Acute pain usually starts suddenly, may be sharp, and often triggers visible bodily reactions such as sweating, an elevated blood pressure, and more. Acute pain is generally a signal of rapid-onset injury to the body and it resolves when pain relief is given or the injury is treated. It’s the type of pain that generally accompanies an illness, an injury, or surgery. Acute pain can manifest in just about any part of the body.

Cancer pain is another kind of pain. With cancer pain, sometimes people have acute flares of pain when not all pain is controlled by the medication. Individuals with cancer sometimes don’t want to tell their doctors for fear that their pain means that their cancer is getting worse or that they will be thought to be complainers. The cause of cancer pain is cancer itself, compression on bones, nerves or body organs, poor blood circulation, blockage of an organ, infection, etc.

If you are experiencing pain, get in touch with your physician so that proper medications with or without drugs will be provided to you. Your doctor is in the best position for a suggestion. Do not rely to your fellow folks to take this or that without a professional medical prescription.

Each of us can get involved by talking with family and friends about Pain Awareness Month. If you are experiencing pain in your own life or you know someone who is, talk with your doctor about Pain Awareness Month. Discuss the overall pain management and how you may be able to take a holistic approach to your recovery. Remember, pain isn’t just about the condition but it affects your entire body, mind and soul.

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