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My Mom is My Hero

(The hereunder letter was a personal account composed/written by a 12-year-old child  and handed to her mother on the occasion of Mother’s Day. The Administrator of this website find it befitting to post the child letter to show the love and affection given by her mom not only to her family but also the mother-nurse dedication of extending nursing care to others.)

Someone that is a hero to me is my very own mom. What makes her heroic to me is her selfless, bravery and caring personality.

Mentioning some heroic actions that were meant for me. She sacrificed her own life to give life to her baby child. She almost died because she had to undergo a c-section to give birth to me because her blood pressure shoots up. If she didn’t do this, I would have never been alive. The bravery of risking her own life for mine, at those instance, makes my mom a hero in my eyes.

Another heroic action she has done  for me. When I was a baby, I frequently had seizures. She saved my life many times during this period of time, calling 911 to make sure that I am safe. She stayed calm during this time of panic and she would always care for me first, rather than herself. If she wasn’t there for me, I would have died from those episodes of asphyxiation. I truly admire what she does for my life.

To add on her heroic actions, she has saved many lives of other people too. She is a nurse and she goes to her patients every week to check on them to make sure they are okay. She is committed to making sure that everyone is feeling okay and will always take care of everybody. I sometimes came along with her and her patients said that she is the best nurse ever that they ever had. She makes me admire her so much and she always makes sure that everyone is happy before herself. I love for what she does for everybody, saving lives, to making sure that everybody is fine.

I truly love for what my mom does for her hard work and selflessness for others. She cares for everybody and she always flexible with time if something went wrong. She takes out her own time for others to be supportive for them. I love my mom for being there for everybody, making sure we are all okay, and saving lives. She will always be forever in my heart as my hero.

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